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Oldrati Group, thanks to its constant research, strong partnerships with the most important suppliers of Oil& Gas companies and their production chains, is the ideal partner to develop and co-design innovative solutions.
The harsh work conditions in the Oil & Gas sector require skills and professionalism that imply a constant update of specifications pursuant to the latest standards.
The range of Oldrati products, thanks to the extensive portfolio of compounds, covers all applications where sealing systems made in elastomers are required. The R&D staff work in close contact with customers to develop and realize new materials and gaskets with high performances in terms of quality and reliability.

Among the main compounds:

  • Perfluoro elastomers for low temperatures
  • Perfluoro elastomers for high temperatures
  • Fluoropolymers containing ethylene – tetrafluoroethylene- perfluoromethyl vinyl ether classified according to ASTM 1418 as FEPM
  • Fluoropolymers for applications at low temperatures with TG lower than -40° C
  • Fluoropolymers defined by ASTM 1418 as V type, specifically designed to improve resistance to amines and bases
  • Fluoropolymers classified by ASTM 1418 as TFE/P, absolutely indicated for steam applications at high pressure and highly alkaline environments.


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