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Oldrati Group Produces The Biggest Gasket In The World

Oldrati Group produces the biggest gasket in the world

At the end of 2012, Oldrati Group produced a record gasket for Guri Dam in Venezuela. It is the biggest in the world, with a size of 22 x 22 mt, it weights 10 tons, it withstands very high pressure, abrasion and laceration, ensuring a hold of 45,000 tons of water. It falls within the maintenance project of the dam located along the Orinoco River. It is implemented to perfectly isolate an underwater door built to allow the passage of workers in charge to restore the full operation of the dam. It was built at Villongo plant in Italy and assembled on-site, in Venezuela, as a puzzle.

This project is one of the symbols of quality and innovation Made in Italy, at international level.

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