The Business Unit specifically dedicated to the organic rubber sector offers multiple solutions for different uses.
The entire production chain process is developed in it, with all manufacturing phases that start from the mixing of raw materials up to the finished product.

The manufacturing processes consist of:

COMPOUNDING – Work phase that foresees the mixing of raw materials forming the compound (polymers, plasticizers, mineral fillers, carbon black, protective agents, colorants, accelerators, curing agents). Perfect dispersion and homogeneity of the compound’s elements inside the polymer are ensured.

SURFACE TREATMENT – To support the production processes, Oldrati Group offers the possibility of carrying out surface treatments based on tackifying agents (primers) on the plastic and/or metallic parts. This processing, during the moulding phase, ensures a proper chemical bonding between the insert and the cured rubber.

The main treatments performed on the metal parts are sand-blasting and multi-layer painting.

Oldrati Group features 4 rubber mixing lines.

MOULDING – It is the production process aimed at manufacturing the component. It takes place through compression, injection or injection-compression. The Group features approx. 300 presses.

EXTRUSION – It is a production process that allows manufacturing single and two-component rubber profiles by means of specific machines that use different vulcanization processes such as hot air, molten salts, micro-waves. The Group features 8 extrusion lines.

3D VISUAL INSPECTION – A process dedicated to the automatic and visual inspection of the products takes place in a new, highly technological area of the company (approx. 1200 square metres), with the purpose to improve the efficacy and efficiency of the checks.
There are two different areas: one area dedicated to automatic inspection, featuring 15 high-tech machines able to check the sizes and aesthetics of products, with a capacity of 200,000 pieces an hour, and the second area dedicated to the final visual inspection by operators, able to provide an additional feedback and ensure the actual effectiveness of machines.

ASSEMBLY– It is the process of merging multiple components into one product.