Two divisions are well defined in this Business Unit, which represents a point of strength of Oldrati Group: one that processes liquid silicone (LSR), and the other that processes silicone in paste (HTV). Both divisions boast specific, advanced skills and increasingly updated moulding technologies in order to ensure high quality and production performances.

COMPOUNDING Work phase of silicone in paste (HTV) that foresees the mixing of raw materials making up the compound (polymers, plasticizers, mineral fillers, carbon black, protective agents, colorants, accelerators, curing agents).
Perfect dispersion and homogeneity of the mix’s elements inside the polymer are ensured during this phase. Oldrati Group features 8 silicone mixing lines, two of which Counter-rotating Conical Two-screw mixers (CTM) and one double Z- closed mixer.

EXTRUSION – It is a process applied to silicone paste (HTV) using specific technologies and machines. This business unit features 6 extrusion lines.

MOULDING – This process is applied to silicone in paste and also in liquid form. In the first case, the raw material used is the compound obtained in the compounding process, while in the second is liquid silicone. There are 28 presses that mould silicone in paste and 18 presses used to mould liquid silicone.

ASSEMBLY – A process common to both divisions that consists of merging multiple components into one product.