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Manuel Oldrati

Vanni Oldrati

The history of Oldrati Group has roots in the early ’60s in the rubber valley, an area between the provinces of Bergamo and Brescia, when young Vanni Oldrati began to work in the gasket sector as employee. A few years later, guided by one of his employers, he decided to undertake the entrepreneurial activity. Hence the decision of founding a new company together with his “former” employer from whom he learnt how to manage an enterprise and organise the work of other employees.
Vanni was ambitious, strong-willed and always focused on the future, he learnt new production techniques to develop and manufacture elastomer gaskets and, in 1964, he decided to found his own company, Oldrati Guarnizioni Industriali.
Technology and research are the constant factors that led to a remarkable development of Oldrati that was also able to survive a very serious fire in 1977, and began the first integrated production processes, constantly distinguishing products and introducing new types of gaskets to be used in different industrial sectors.
During the ‘80s, other companies were acquired to complete the segment and enrich the range of products; Oldrati Group was founded in 1991, year in which Vanni’s children also joined the company: Diego, Manuel and Devid Attilio who, with the time, learnt from their father how to manage the firm, assuming the role of managers.
The change in management, a very delicate moment that was faced with maturity and care, led the company to a fundamental step for its growth; today it is no longer a family business but a well-established management structure, studied to deal at best with the new group sizes and increasing market challenges.
Today Vanni Oldrati covers the role of Chairman, his son Manuel is Managing Director of the Group, while the two brothers Diego and Devid Attilio are the managers of the new technology and sales departments.

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