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Oldrati Group has been offering an extensive range of products on the filter market, for over 30 years.
The main applications for our filters are the Automotive sector, with air, cabin, petrol and oil filers; Vending with water filters and the sector of Household appliances.
These articles are updated on a regular basis to be in line with the constant innovations of all sectors, and to be able to always offer the most advanced solution to our customers.

Oldrati Group, strong of its extensive experience in the production of rubber diaphragms for filtering systems, is able to offer products with exceptional mechanical properties and excellent respect of tolerances, thanks to highly technological processes and use of 3,000-ton machines that allow producing finished articles of very large sizes.
According to the final destination of diaphragms, we are able to suggest the best specific material to ensure the right performances during the application phase.

Some examples of products

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