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Silital was founded in the province of Milan in 1977 and throughout the years, it became one of the most important Italian manufacturers of articles in liquid (LSR) and solid (HTV) silicone. In 2007, Oldrati Group acquired its total control pursuant to a precise strategic development policy of the holding company and the need to add the silicone production to the already existing rubber and plastic items, so to complete the range of products. It features two production divisions, HTV (HIGH TEMPERATURE VULCANIZATION) and LSR (LIQUID SILICONE RUBBER), the first specialised in the production of silicone in paste and relative transformation, the second instead specialised in the production of liquid silicone. There are also two production plants, of 3,500 and 6,000 square metres respectively, currently located in the province of Brescia, which also feature a R&D laboratory for the formulation of silicone compounds, mostly specifically studied upon customer needs.

Targeted investments in advanced moulding technologies and updated, specific professional skills led Silital Europe to become one of the best European companies in the transformation of compounds, LSR moulding and HTV extrusion, with various accelerator types.


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