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Oldrati Group embodies various corporate values that make it an important reference point not only for the Rubber, Plastic and Silicone market, but also for all other related sectors.

Strategic promise

Rubber& Plastic Governance” inserted in the company logo must be intended as a promise made by Oldrati Group to the market: to be able to run not only the entire production sector in each processing phase of the product, but also to be able to rule the market itself, controlling the trends and grasping any possible opportunity of development. An extremely clear reference to the outstanding characteristics of this company.

Advanced innovation

“Advanced Innovation.” is the tag-line that clearly summarises the “vocation” of Oldrati Group.
It underscores a precise work philosophy aimed not only at simple innovation, that already represents modernity and functionality on its own, but also advanced innovation, symbol of efficiency, quality and reliability, and also synonymous of technological bleeding-edge, contents and proposals to the client, in order to anticipate the demand and be always a step forward.
The full stop (.) immediately after “Advanced Innovation” is part of the slogan as metaphor of soundness, security and firmness.
All these concepts perfectly represent Oldrati Group that conveys them as symbols of its culture.


Be leader suppliers of high technological content solutions through the research and the constant improvement.


Answer to customers’ needs thanks to the knowledge of the market, implementation of advanced technology, design of innovative technical solutions as well as providing a personalized and high level service.

Corporate evolution

Oldrati is able to create innovation and progress also thanks to highly qualified individual skills contribution as well as to very accurate analysis activity and internal re-elaboration. With its  way to do business, Oldrati Group reached a global open-mindedness that led to the acquisition of new perspectives and goals and the guarantee to supply increasingly innovative solutions to the customers, to completely fulfil their requests.

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