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The Tooling Center is dedicated to the design and manufacture of molds and equipment for the production of the entire range of Oldrati products, with a view to maximum optimization and production efficiency.

We produce about 500 molds every year for organic, inorganic rubber, LSR, plastic and thermoplastic gaskets. Looking for the best technological solutions for the construction of thermoregulated molds and tops, the Oldrati Group makes sure that every innovation can lead to concrete performance and reliability. Through the use of systems developed internally (Old Moldflow Control), we are also able to guarantee the best quality and minimize the waste of raw materials.

Why maintenance is important

Qualitative products require qualitative molds. Targeted and specialized interventions on the equipment are therefore essential to prevent breakages and guarantee full efficiency and reliability in the production phase. An effective maintenance program also improves and extends the life of components and avoids extraordinary repairing activities with consequent interruptions on the production line.

Oldrati Tooling department constantly carries out checks on the mold life, schedules their regular cleaning and conducts specific and accurate maintenance. Specifically, once the mold has reached the end of its life, the experts carry out an ultrasonic cleaning and they check that the mold is still in good condition. Subsequently, where required, the damaged or worn components are replaced and the new mold life is defined.

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