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The Tooling Department is dedicated to the design and realization of the moulds and equipment for the production of the entire range of Oldrati products. This specific company department consists of two centers for the production of molds where every year 500 molds are made for gaskets in organic rubber, inorganic, LSR, plastic and thermoplastic. Every plant is equipped with workshops specialized in maintenance operations on moulds and equipment.

The study of the best moulding solutions is of fundamental importance in order to guarantee the performance quality of every single product, to reduce moulding times and to minimize the waste of raw material.

By researching the best technological solutions for the construction of moulds and thermoregulated platens, Oldrati Group makes sure that every innovation can lead to concrete performance and reliability. With a view to maximum optimization and production efficiency, a team of experts conducts preventive studies in order to predict the behavior of the components of the mold and the treated material in the long term.



All the moulds are conceived and designed using up-to-date CAD and CAM and interfaced with the machines of the Tooling Department.

For each mold, a Moldflow analysis is conducted to simulate the behavior of the material in the mold during processing (temperature, time, filling pressure, etc..) in order to predict the suitability of the finished product, ensure the best quality and minimize waste of raw material. Each mould is unique and designed according to specific requirements.



High-precision equipment is used for the production of molds such as:

  • Wire and die-sinking EDMs
  • High speed and CNC milling machines
  • Grinding machines
  • Drilling machines

At the end of the manufacturing process, each mould is tested, thus providing a first verification sample of the product.



According to production requirements, Oldrati Tooling Department proposes the most appropriate solution to be used, including:

  • Hot runner injection molds
  • 2K and/or two-color molds with index plate or rotary table
  • Multi-cavity molds
  • Stack molds
  • Molds for silicone (LSR)

Each Tooling center performs regular mold maintenance activities.

Oldrati Maintainance Centers

Quality products require quality molds. Targeted and specialized interventions on the equipment are therefore essential to prevent breakage and ensure full efficiency and reliability during production. A good maintenance also improves and lengthens the life of the components and avoids extraordinary maintenance activities with consequent interruptions on the production line.

Oldrati Tooling department is specialized in carrying out regular checks and cleaning of the molds and it conducts specific maintenance programs. Specifically, when the end life of the mold is reached, the team of experts performs an ultrasonic cleaning to remove residues of processing and verify that the mold is still in good condition. Subsequently, where required, damaged or worn components are replaced and the new mould life is defined.

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