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In order to obtain qualty over time, the Oldrati Group uses three-dimensional visual technology, one of the most modern in terms of monitoring, which provides a 100% guarantee on the finished pieces. These three-dimensional optical devices are connected to a computerized control system that has the ability to set different tolerance parameters, necessary to satisfy a wide range of market needs. The application of different physical principles connected with the refraction of light activates the artificial vision controls connected with this type of technology to detect and indicate the entire operator even the smallest defect, thus using a completely perfect product. Computer systems such as MesStain have greatly increased productivity and efficiency at all stages of the production process. In order to pursuing high quality standards, a clean room has been equipped, a “” white room “” where the quality, humidity and temperature of the air, thanks to special filters, are regulated to protect equipment or materials sensitive to contamination.

Even the packaging and shipping phases are carried out with the utmost care and efficiency through the bar code systems, contributing to the maintenance of a maximum level of precision for each item.

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