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Two divisions are well defined within this Business Unit: one specifically on processing liquid silicone (LSR), the other one on paste (HTV). Both have advanced specific professional skills and increasingly updated technologies on compound transformation, molding and extrusion of silicone rubber. Through various types of accelerations and with fully automatic processes is possible to obtain single pieces with high precision, burr-free.

COMPOUNDING – Working phase of the silicone paste (HTV) which involves the mixing of the raw materials (polymers, plasticizers, fillers, protectants, dyes, accelerators, vulcanizers). During this phase a perfect dispersion and homogeneity of the ingredients of the mixture in the polymer is guaranteed. The Oldrati Group is equipped with 6 silicone mixing lines, two of which are Counter-Rotating Conical Screws (CTM) and one is a double zeta closed mixer.

EXTRUSION – It is a process that is applied to silicone paste (HTV) with technology and dedicated 6 extrusion lines.

MOLDING – This process takes place on both paste and liquid silicone. There are 20 presses dedicated to the molding of silicone paste and 18 those used for the liquid one.

ASSEMBLY – The process of joining several components into a single product allows complete management of the order: from production to delivery of the product. The specific advantages are realized through:
– reduction of production time and costs;
– complete customization of the processes;
– control over the entire production cycle

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