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The demand of renewable energy is constantly growing, especially with regards to wind and solar power. The production systems of these energies feature high requirements in terms of performances, reliability and cost-effectiveness. Oldrati Group offers sealing solutions and products with high quality standards, in terms of materials and production

Wind energy

Today, windfarms are increasingly exploited as sources of renewable and clean power, since they use the kinetic energy of wind, converting it into electric energy. Wind-power generators are the tools used for this conversion. Oldrati provides anti-vibration technologies to neutralize or damp the dynamic axial and radial forces.

Solar energy

It is the most popular and exploited source to produce heat and electricity thanks to photovoltaic technology. For this specific application, Oldrati Group proposes the right sealing solutions that ensure durability at high temperature and high resistance to ozone and UV rays.

Some examples of products

Some examples of products

Shock absorber
Solar panel gaskets
Solar panel gasket
Solar silicone collector
Solar panel extruded gasket
Panel profiles
Solar panel gasket
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