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The Business Unit is specifically dedicated to the rubber sector producing solutions for the most different markets. The whole process of the production chain with all the processing phases ranges from the mixing of the raw material up to the finished product.
The manufacturing processes performed are:

COMPOUNDING – This process involves the mixing of the raw materials (polymers, plasticizers, mineral fillers, smoke black, fillers, protective, dyes, accelerators, vulcanizers). Four compounding lines with both open and closed mixers, guarantee a perfect dispersion and homogeneity of the ingredients of the mixture into the polymer.

SURFACE TREATMENT – In support of the production processes, the Oldrati Group offers the possibility of carrying out surface treatments based on adhesive agents (primer) on plastic and/or metal parts. This procedure, during the molding process, ensures the formation of a real chemical bond.The main treatments performed on the metal parts are sandblasting and multi-layer painting.

MOLDING – It is a process that is performed using specific machineries through compression, injection or injection-compression. There are about 300 injection and compression presses present in the Group’s companies.

EXTRUSION – Eight extrusion lines to produce single and two-component rubber profiles thanks to specific machineries and through various vulcanization processes (hot air, molten salts, microwaves)

3D VISUAL INSPECTION – In a new highly technological area of ​​the Company (about 1200 square meters) there is a process dedicated to the automatic and visual inspection of the products with the aim of improving and controlling controls and monitoring of production processes.
Two different areas: the first dedicated to automatic control where 15 highly technological machines control the size and aesthetics of the products of about 200,000 pieces per hour, the second for the final visual inspection of the human operators capable of providing a further quality check.

ASSEMBLY – The process of joining several components into a single product allows complete management of the order, from production to delivery of the product. The specific advantages are realized through:
– reduction of production time and costs;
– complete customization of the processes;
– control over the entire production cycle

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