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This Business Unit represents a strength of the Oldrati Group that has allowed the company to diversify and expand its offer with the inclusion of the design and production of plastic and thermoplastic items, obtained both thanks to the most modern tools and processing systems that of experience and professionalism of dedicated resources.
Also in the product development phase it is particularly useful to take into consideration the parameters of plastic materials, as this allows to fully interpret the bases of modern product development methodologies. In this way it is possible to contribute significantly to the creation of the competitive advantage of the product right from the designing phase.

The processes are the processes carried out on the raw material to obtain the finished product:

MOLDING – It is the processing that is carried out starting directly from the raw material. Plastic molding can be by injection or bi-injection. There are currently 50 presses that use these techniques.
Plastic can also be molded through blow molding and with its 8 machines, one of which in a clean room and 5 fully automated, Oldrati best meets the needs of its customers.

EXTRUSION – It is a process applied to plastic with dedicated technology and machines including 8 extrusion lines and internal staff dedicated to equipment development.

ASSEMBLY – The process of joining several components into a single product allows complete management of the order: from production to delivery of the product. The specific advantages are realized through:

  • reduction of production time and costs;
  • complete customization of the processes;
  • control over the entire production cycle
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