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Total quality and absolute safety are guaranteed in all the products that directly affect the health of final consumers. This is the reason for using silicone, since this material is characterised by low bacterial growth and minimum contaminations of the production lines implemented for manufacturing in clean room, in order to ensure the product integrity and compliance with the strict health standards concerning materials.

Some examples of products

Sealing gasket
Sealing gasket
Pliers for medical equipment
Massaging gums
Massaging gum
Oxygen masks / sleep apnea syndrome
Cap for aerosol spacers
Cap for aerosol spacers
Sealing gaskets, masks, diaphragms, aerosol tubes
Sealing gaskets, aerosol masks, diaphragms
Filtering blood equipment
two-component aerosol inhaler
bi -component nasal mask for aerosol
Sealing gasket for dispensers
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