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With the uprising of Industry 4.0, the focus has shifted to the importance of automated and interconnected production. Larger accessibility to information, more efficiency and the ability to exchange large volumes of data with each other; these are, in fact, the most important characteristics to look for in the machinery and technologies used in the production process. For being competitive, as well as for respecting the new industrial principles and keeping up with the times.

For example, after the mold, the human factor is replaced, if binding with respect to the production time, to introduce an automated system in its place. This consequently offers a reduction in production costs and the maximization of the quality component. Also through data collection and processing software we intend to reduce production waste, which would remain a hidden problem without an aggregate vision and a system of data collection and hierarchization, focusing on identifying the most suitable solution.

More flexible production for better productivity and new opportunities to meet specific internal and customer needs.

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