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It all began in the early 60s in the Rubber Valley, a very specific area between the provinces of Bergamo and Brescia, when Vanni Oldrati in 1964, after several years learning new production techniques to develop and make elastomer seals, founded Oldrati Guarnizioni Industriali.

A story of birth and rebirth, because after overcoming a serious fire in 1977, Oldrati starts the first integrated production processes, constantly differentiates the products and introduces new types of gaskets applicable to different industrial sectors.

In the 80s the acquisitions of other companies began, completing the supply chain and enlarging the range of products, thus reaching the establishment of the Oldrati Group in 1991 and the entry into the company of Vanni’s children: Diego, Manuel and Devid Attilio.

The generational change has led the company to a fundamental step for its growth. Today the company has a well-established managerial structure, designed to cope, in the best possible way, with the new dimensions of the group and the increasingly numerous market challenges.

In 2019, Vanni Oldrati who holds the position of President, his son Manuel, CEO of the Group, and the brothers Diego and Devid Attilio, respectively Head of the new technologies area and Commercial Manager, celebrated the 55th year of history of this company.

Time line Oldrati Group

  • 1964


    Oldrati Guarnizioni Industriali foundation

  • 1985


    The first of several acquisitions of external companies

  • 1991


    Oldrati Group Foundation

  • 2004


    Inauguration of Oldrati Slovensko in Slovakia

  • 2007


    Silital Europe acquisition

  • 2013


    Oldrati Kauçuk inauguration in Turkey

  • 2015


    Satig acquisition

  • 2016


    Linea Stampi acquisition

  • 2018


    Cetra acquisition

  • 2020


    Constitution of Oldrati Gomma Line joint venture

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