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Oldrati Group consists of 10 companies in Italy and abroad and has almost 1650 employees worldwide. Its continuous expansion is shown by the acquisition of an increasing number of Italian companies that bring new know-how and specializations.

The Group is also developing across borders; initially, investing in production facilities abroad was a necessary choice to meet the demand of foreign customers and optimize logistics and services offered. Today, internationalization has become one of the cornerstones of the company’s strategy, as the presence in certain territories is crucial, productive and fundamental to ensure its growth.

Today the productive and commercial network covers all the strategic areas of the globe: Oldrati Group starts this path in 2004 with Oldrati Slovensko in Slovakia, then continued in 2013 with the establishment of Oldrati Kauçuk in Turkey, in the heart of the Middle East until the birth of the joint venture Oldrati Gomma Line in 2020 formed having as objective a growth in the Balkan and Russian markets.

Corporate group

Oldrati Guarnizioni Industriali S.p.a
Via Giacomo Quarenghi, 2
24060 Villongo BG, Italy

Ph. +39 035 9160111
Fax: +39 035 9160112

Oldrati Guarnizioni Industriali, is one of the global leaders in rubber, plastic and silicone sectors. Internally it develops the entire production chain with integrated technology, from the creation of the compounds to the packaging of the finished product.
The management of resources and all production processes, the constant innovation associated with experience and in-depth knowledge of different business markets, guarantee rapid and flexible solutions within strategic areas such as Research and Development and Quality Control.
In five production plants have been recently expanded R&D laboratories, workshops dedicated to the design and creation of molds, production lines for rubber, rubber-metal, plastic and thermoplastics that use highly technological machinery.
Among the various sites the Sealing Division is dedicated solely to the production of automotive products, producing about 4,000 type of seals every year: silent blocks, bellows, o-rings of various sizes and many others. Two areas are dedicated exclusively to quality control, one with state-of-the-art automatic machines and one with cutting-edge technological tools for visual optical control in 3D.
There is also a clean room, a white area where the quality, temperature and humidity of the air, thanks to special filters, are regulated to protect equipment or material sensitive to contamination.

Oldrati Slovensko s.r.o.
Jasenovská 2468/34
066 01 Humenné (Slovakia)

Ph. +421 577 863711
Fax +421 577 863722

Oldrati Group decided to invest funds in 2004 at the heart of Eastern Europe, strategic meeting point between the West and the emerging markets of this geographic area, influenced by high European quality and also by the low production costs of the LCCS countries. Oldrati Slovensko was founded with the purpose of offering a more advantageous service in logistic and economic terms to the professionals located in East Europe, becoming their reference point in a few years. The production plant located in Humennè, in eastern Slovakia, is distributed over an area of 114,000 square metres, 35,000 indoor, and with approximately 600 employees, offering today an extremely diversified production. It was expanded by 8,000 square metres in 2013. Integrated processes are carried out internally, for the production of rubber and plastic that range from moulding to extrusion, painting and assembly.

Oldrati Kauçuk
Hasanaga Org. San. Bolgesi 3. Cadde 13
16370 Nilufer – Bursa – Türkiye

Ph. +90 224 600 2500
Fax +90 224 600 2510

Inaugurated in 2013 the Oldrati Kauçuk, is located in the heart of Turkey and more precisely in Bursa. It has an area of ​​8,000 square meters of which 6,000 are dedicated to the industrial area. The activities in this plant are the production of compounds and rubber molding. The introduction of extrusion of the rubber and its assembly is expected soon. Compounding is possible thanks to the presence in the factory of an R & D laboratory where the mechanical and chemical properties of the materials are tested and the performance of the compounds, their resistance to aging and their chemical characteristics are evaluated. The Oldrati Kauçuk laboratory is able to process polymers: natural (NR), standard synthetics (CR, EPDM, IIR, IR, NBR, SBR), special synthetics (ACM, AEM, AU, EU, HNBR), fluorinated synthetics (FFKM , FKM) and silicone synthetics (FVMQ, PVMQ, VMQ).

Silital Europe S.r.l.
Via Marzaghette, 6
25030 Adro BS, Italia

Ph. +39 035 9160811
Fax: +39 035 9160812

Silital was born in the province of Milan in 1977 and over the years became one of the most important Italian producers of liquid (LSR) and solid (HTV) silicone articles. In 2007 the Oldrati Group acquired total control in response to a well-defined strategy to integrate the production of silicone with that of rubber and plastic, in order to have an even more complete product portfolio. HTV (HIGH TEMPERATURE VULCANIZATION) has two production poles and LSR (LIQUID SILICONE RUBBER), the first specialized in the production of silicone in paste and its transformation, the second instead in the processing of liquid silicone. There are also two production sites of 3,500 and 6,000 square meters respectively, today located in the province of Brescia, where is also located a R&D laboratory for the formulation of silicone compounds, most of them specifically designed for the customer’s individual needs. Targeted investments in advanced molding technologies and increasingly updated professionalism have boosted Silital Europe among the best European realities in the transformation of compounds, LSR molding and HTV extrusion with the various types of accelerations.

Via Giotto, 3
20040 Cambiago MI

Ph. +39 02 250 6551

During its 40 years of history, Cetra has developed specific competences in the rubber and plastic materials over-molding , mainly for applications in the automotive and medical sectors. The molds necessary for the realization of the finished articles are produced internally, as well as all the engineering and co-design processes. Strict compliance with the parameters established by the IATF certification requires the Oldrati Group to be able to respond to the requests of important OEMs as well as Tier 1 and Tier 2 customers in the automotive sector.

Via Soldini, 14
24060 Adrara San Martino (BG)

Ph. 035 926153
Fax 035 9169294

Satig joins the Oldrati Group in 2015 to further complete its production chain. Founded in 1991, Satig is a leader in the sector of grinding, deburring, screening and surface treatment of rubber articles. It also deals with siliconing, molting and positioning of materials, suitable for reducing the friction coefficient. Two types of deburring are processed in Satig: the cryogenic type with metal spheres and the cryogenic type with polycarbonate microspheres. While for grinding instead, it can count on types of wet and canvas finishing.


Oldrati Gomma Line
19. Oktobra 2
34000 Kragujevac – Serbia

Ph. +381 34 617 05 37
Fax +381 34 617 05 37

Oldrati  Gomma Line is the Joint Venture born from the collaboration between Oldrati Group and Gomma Line LLC, a Serbian producer of rubber items with more than 15 years of experience in the sector. The agreement between the two companies allows greater specialization in extrusion processes and optimization of the supply chain and of the technological service on materials, offered by the Compounding Division and the Materials Team of Oldrati Group. The company thus expands its internal activities not only in the Balkan regions but, thanks to the free trade agreement between Serbia and the Eurasian Economic Union, also a market with high strategic potential, as the russian one. The joint venture offers customers a wider product portfolio and better service, thanks also to the presence of a production located in the Russian territory.

Smart – Tek S.r.l.
Via Marzaghette, 1/A
25030 Adro BS, Italia

Ph. +39 035 9160991
Fax: +39 035 9160992

With decades of experience in the field of industrial automation, Smart-Tek specializes in the production and construction of automatic machines equipped with vision sensors and robot systems for quality control, measurement, inspection, counting and product identification. Smart-Tek provides finished solutions in the most diversified industrial sectors: electronics, electromechanics, mechanics, molding, biomedical, agricultural, where automation solutions, special machines and handling systems are generally required.

Via Marzaghette 1/A
25030 Adro

Ph. 035 9160993
Fax 035 9160994

Founded in 2010, Eucom – European Compounds, operates in the countries of the European Community, selling and distributing raw materials that find their most important use in the rubber and plastic sectors. Thanks to constant research and technical collaboration with prestigious partners in the sector, Eucom is able to offer a complete range of products in order to meet the various needs of the market. Furthermore, it provides technical assistance by supporting its customers in the development of new products and applications through the expertise and experience of its technical personnel using its own laboratories, equipped with the latest generation of analysis and quality control tools.

Royaltek s.r.o.
Jasenovská 2468/34
066 01 Humenné (Slovakia)

Ph. +421 577 863792
Fax +421 577 863722

Royal Tek is a company that has been part of the Group for about 30 years. Its brand is synonymous of high quality filters.
Over the years it has acquired several brands, succeeding in integrating new technological and process know-how. Thanks also to its filters, the Oldrati Group has become an industrial reality known and established throughout Europe.
Recently landed in the plant of the Slovak Republic, its production activity is planned and constantly assisted by a staff of professionals located to the site to coordinate the entire production and maintain it at a high quality level. This type of business strategy makes it possible to take advantage of spaces and areas aimed at optimizing production and organizational processes.
The Royal Tek product range includes panel air filters, circulars, cabin, water, fuel and industrial filters for European and Japanese vehicles.

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