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The Company

Inaugurated in 2013, Oldrati Kauçuk is located at the heart of Turkey and more precisely in Bursa, a important automotive industry production center.

The plant covers an area of 8,200 square metres, 1,300 of which dedicated to offices and 6,000 to industrial area. The activities currently carried out consist in the production of compounds and rubber moulding and extrusion.

A team of technicals is directly involved everyday in these activities to carry out a careful feasibility analysis of the client’s request, thanks to its global vision of the project, and to offer the best-to-fit solutions.


The presence of in-house R&D laboratory inside the plant allows to test the mechanical and chemical properties of materials and to assess the performances, resistance to aging and chemical characteristics of compounds. Oldrati Kauçuk’s laboratory is able to work the various types of polymers: natural (NR), standard synthetic (CR, EPDM, IIR, IR, NBR, SBR), special synthetic (ACM, AEM, AU, EU, HNBR), fluorinated synthetic (FFKM, FKM) and silicone synthetic (FVMQ, PVMQ, VMQ).
The careful evaluation of the production chain, from design to the manufacturing of the finished product, in addition to constant interaction with the client, ensure the elaboration of proposals that meet actual needs. Constructive debate and collaboration with qualified and skillful professionals are daily activities of the team, useful to face new business opportunities.


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