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Ethical Code

The Group’s policy embodies the commitment to be a company characterized by a responsible civic code and to run its business in an ethical and legal way.
The Code of Ethics formalizes the principles that guide the Group in conducting its relationships with employees, shareholders, commercial partners and other subjects. Oldrati encourages the adoption of these principles by its suppliers, sales agents and consultants.

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Strategic Premise

Our job is to find solutions and make decisions in conditions of uncertainty.
“Rubber& Plastic Governance” inserted in the company logo must be intended as a promise made by Oldrati Group to the market: to be able to run not only the entire production sector in each processing phase of the product, but also to be able to rule the market itself, controlling the trends and grasping any possible opportunity of development. An extremely clear reference to the outstanding characteristics of this company.

Advanced innovation

Advanced Innovation.” is the tag-line that immediately summarizes the attitude of the Oldrati Group.
It underlines a precise work philosophy oriented not to simple innovation, which in itself already represents modernity and functionality, but to advanced innovation, a symbol of efficiency, quality and reliability, but also synonymous with cutting-edge technology, contents and proposals to the customer to anticipate the question and always be one step ahead. The dot (.) Immediately after “”Advanced Innovation”” is part of the slogan as a metaphor for solidity, safety and firmness.
All these concepts fully represent the Oldrati Group which transmits them as symbols of its culture.

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International footprint

A reliable partner able to adapt to different international contexts. Here is how Oldrati over the years has proven its flexibility in modeling industrial capacities within the various industrial systems in the world. Geographical diversification and the continuous attention and search for new opportunities has transformed the Group over the years into a global reality in continuous evolution.

Sustainable Development

Respect for the environment and the Code of Ethics are the basis of our action with a vision guided by sustainability and social responsibility.
By balancing economic – financial needs and those related to the social and environmental dimension, Oldrati focuses on sustainability not only as an ethical choice but also as an opportunity for industrial growth. For this reason we are constantly engaged in the search for innovative production processes that determine a lower energy impact in the manufacture of products, in compliance with safety and eco-compatibility standards.

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Through teamwork, comparisons and exchanges of views, Oldrati manages to create innovation and progress thanks also to the contribution of highly qualified individual skills and to a very accurate internal analysis and reworking activity. With this modus operandi, the Oldrati Group has achieved a global mental openness that has allowed the acquisition of new perspectives and objectives with the guarantee of providing the customer with increasingly innovative solutions and respecting dignity and freedom within the rules of conduct shared.


Our goal is to respond to customer needs through the knowledge of the market, the use of advanced technology, the design of innovative technical solutions providing a customized and high-level service.

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We want to be leading suppliers of solutions with high technological content through research and continuous improvement. We make competence, entrepreneurship and adaptability our key success factors, every day.

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