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Easy Covid 19 & Charlotte valve support to Italian hospitals

During the Covid-19 health emergency, hospitals are in extreme need of support. To give our contribution to the fight against this virus, we in Oldrati are currently delivering our Easy Covid-19 and Charlotte valves. To date, we have already delivered almost 6.500 units to various health institutions in Italy. Click on the map to find out where our help has already arrived.



The issue of environmental impact has recently risen at the front of the stage and has become the center of an increasingly necessary debate. At global level, the comparison is articulated on different levels and emerges the theme of mobility: the concept indicates fluid and efficient exchange between different and transversal mobility tools (not only automotive). This topic turns into an effort to optimize the flows of people to reduce them the environmental impact, through the creation of advanced models and awareness. It is an approach that is gaining more importance, considering the worldwide population increase, the global trade rising and the consequent and growing movements of people and goods.



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