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Oldrati Guarnizioni Industriali, established in 1964 by Vanni Oldrati, is currently an important corporate structure, sector leader and recognised at international level. The entire production chain takes place internally, with integrated technology, from the production of the compounds to the packaging of the finished products.

The careful management of resources and of all production processes, the constant inclination to innovation combined to experience and deep knowledge in various sectors, ensure quick and flexible solutions within strategic areas, like Research and Development and Quality Control.

There are five production plants featuring a R&D laboratory recently expanded, workshops dedicated to the design and production of moulds, production lines for rubber, rubber-metal, plastic and thermo-plastic that implement highly technological machinery.

One of the plants is exclusively dedicated to the production of automotive products, the sealing division which produces approx. 4,000 gaskets of any type: silent block, bellows, o-rings of all sizes and many others, used exclusively in the automotive sector. Two areas are exclusively dedicated to quality control, one with extremely modern automatic machines and an area equipped with advanced technological instruments for visual 3D checks.

A clean room was recently set-up. It is an area where air quality, temperature and moisture are regulated thanks to specific filters, in order to protect contamination-sensitive equipment or material.

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