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Awarding time for Oldrati Group

Knorr-Bremse: Oldrati among the top ten…for Winkelmann instead is the best supplier

Last May 18 and June 23, the management of the Oldrati Group participated in the Knorr-Bremse and Winkelmann suppliers awarding events.

In its first awarding, Knorr Bremse has selected within more than 1200 suppliers from all over the world, 90 of them as strategic suppliers, responding to specific characteristics such as superior quality performance, the business complexity, environmental system, sustainability of performance and other important parameters.

Among these 90, ten of them have been nominated for the adherence to the requirement of the quality management system. Oldrati Group was one of these 10, best in quality performance, and received the Quality Excellence Nominee 2016 certification.

This nomination makes Oldrati proud as it is one of the 10 best suppliers in terms of quality for one of the most important automotive company.


Instead, on June 23rd, the first Winkelmann event addressed to suppliers saw Oldrati Group as one of the key player of the evening.
Over 900 suppliers in the world were divided into 9 categories, which one of them had a winner. Oldrati Group was voted as the best supplier for elastomers and plastics.
For Manuel Oldrati, CEO of the Group, it was a great satisfaction, as well as an honor, to receive the prize. “The partnership that bond us to Winkelmann is long-lasting, started 41 years ago with our parents and still today, the Industry 4.0 era, continues based on mutual respect and a great deal of esteem,” he said during the award ceremony.

This victory concludes a period full of satisfactions confirming the quality of the work carried out by the group staff and it must be seen as a positive incentive to a constant improvement of all production chain operational aspect.

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