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Cetra Joins Oldrati Group

In the near future, the automotive industry will have to achieve drastic reductions in the level of CO2 emissions.
To reach this target,one of the solutions is to make lighter cars, by replacing heavycomponents with lighter plastic products.

A lighter car emits less pollution.

This is the challenge the Oldrati Group wants to win.
For this reason, in 2018, a new company joined our Group: Cetra, a technology firm that,in 40 years of history,specialized in the production of high-tech plastic components, with superior performance and exceptionalreliability,which guarantee outstandingsafetystandards.

Thanks to the entrance of Cetra into the Oldrati Group, we strengthen our know-how in the plastics sector, we fortify our knowledge in plastic-metal over mouldingand in multi-component assembly, above all, we are able to ensure great precision in our production,up to two percent of a millimetre!

Rubber has made our company successful.
The ability to innovate and to anticipate technological advancements,allowed us become who we are today.
And if the new challenge for humanity’s future is to increase sustainability and innovation,
weinOldrati will continue to do our part.

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