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Expansion vessels and their internal membranes are hydraulic components inside the boilers for domestic heating with the function of limiting pressure drops in the system.
Oldrati Group manufactures a wide range of membranes designed to satisfy different needs, in the civil and industrial field. It proposes membranes pursuant to the type-approvals awarded by the most important international certification bodies.

Thanks to the high quality, Oldrati products ensure extremely high permeability and excellent mechanical properties, and comply with different requirements:
• general requirements: DIN4807, EN13831;
• potable water: ACS, WRAS, KIWA, W270, KTW, NSF;

The company offers a series of standard membranes with capacity from 2 to 4.000 litres but it also manufactures articles upon customer’s drawings.

Some examples of products

Flat membrane
Flat membrane
Water Membrane
Water Diaghprams
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