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Oldrati acquires Linea Stampi

2016 starts with an important operation for Oldrati Group: the takeover of Linea Stampi, a company specialized in the production of moulds for plastic, thermo plastic rubber and LSR (Liquid Silicone Rubber) products with 30 years experience in the field. Linea Stampi uses advanced technology and highly skilled designers to ensure the realization of high-precision moulds. The gained experience guarantees the customization of each mold using specific feasibility studies and programs in order to optimize production and quality of the final parts. Linea Stampi proposes as first services for the customer the conception and the design of the mould, using CAD and CAM programs but also the Moldflow® analysis. Then it suggests the most appropriate solution to use: it will recommend a hot runner injection if the request is to have a more powerful moulding, without refuses and energy losses; one bi-material and/or two-color mould with index plate or rotary table in the case of multi material; a multi-cavity, to be used for very high productions, as those for packaging products; or one stack mold that allows to double the productivity with any conventional press. First sampling and customer care complete the series of services provided. The decision to include Linea Stampi in its structure, derives from the desire to add another element to Oldrati Group’s production chain already significantly verticalized. Thanks to more than 50 years of history, to the skills acquired, to its cross-fertilization and to a series of technologically advanced machinery, Oldrati today is able to satisfy the customer, being able to reduce the response time between demand and supply.

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