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Oldrati Group invited to present Ogreen at Milan Design Week 2021

As part of the Milan Design Week 2021, Oldrati Group, one of the most important international groups in the production of rubber, plastic and silicone products, has been invited to be present with Ogreen® at “WastEnders”. The event will focus on innovative companies and materials that not only manage to reduce the production of waste but actually transform it into value.

The exhibition is part of the event Materials Village – Special Edition, curated by Materially as part of the Milan Design Week 2021, and is located in the space of SuperStudioPiù in Via Tortona, 27 in Milan, opening to the public from September 4 to 10, 2021.

A new concept able to bring together in the same place different players in the innovation of materials, through the example of companies and start-ups that make innovation, sustainability and care of processes the focus of their work.

Oldrati Group has been involved in the appointment and will be present with a special corner dedicated to Ogreen®at the special exhibition curated by the Materially research team, focused on those realities that use materials from agricultural or industrial waste to transform them into innovative applications and objects of daily use. These are projects that start from waste raw materials and transform them into value, in a perspective of circular economy.

In fact, Ogreen® is the first high-performance regenerated rubber, launched last year after lengthy research, which allows for the reduction of CO2 emissions, the reduction of waste production, and the reduction of the consumption of virgin raw materials.

Ogreen, in fact, guarantees important environmental benefits while maintaining high levels of performance comparable to virgin rubber.

In this way Oldrati Group confirms itself once again as a pioneer of green design and Ogreen® as a reference material that opens a new frontier in the world of elastomers, respectful of the environment in which we live.

A concept that will be deepened by Oldrati Group also during the Materially Talks live onMaterially Facebook pageon September 7 at 3 pm.



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