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Oldrati Group Presents OLD REX ICE® (FFKM)

Oldrati Group presents OLD REX ICE® (FFKM)

OLD REX ICE® (FFKM) approved according to Norsok specification M710 rev 3ISO 23936-2:2011

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The growing demand for seals that can operate in extreme environments, has led Oldrati Group to finance an investment plan in order to provide seals elements able to work at low and very low temperatures, according to the requirements of the Norsok M710 rev 3 specification.
The recent Norsok revision 3 went into effect in 2014 and essentially reproduced the specification ISO 23936-2.

The Oldrati Group project involved in particular the R & D department that, thanks to fifty years of experience in the Oil field application and to the latest news in the field of engineering fluorinated and perfluorinated rubbers, has been able to develop the Product OLD REX ICE®, a last generation perfluoro elastomer, qualified Norsok M710 rev 3 at the qualified Institute Element Material Technology.

Oldrati, despite this success, did not consider the task completed. In fact, Oldrati has developed different fluoro elastomer materials able to perform, thanks to the used polymer glass transition below -40 ° C, a sealing capability up to – 50 ° C.

These materials have also been subjected to severe specific Norsok M710 rev 3, obtaining in all cases the top rating 0000.

The goal now is to launch a product on the market for low temperatures that can exceed limits prescribed by the oil field specifications and propose this new material with the aim to become the market reference point.

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