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For Electrolux, Oldrati Group is the best supplier in Europe

Oldrati Group was awarded best European supplier on 12th November 2014 in Stockholm, during ELECTROLUX SUPPLIER AWARD 2014 event organised by the big Swedish firm to thank its best suppliers that it considers as actual innovative partners able to contribute to its success worldwide.

The 36 awarded suppliers, divided into 12 different categories, were chosen among over 3,000 suppliers worldwide.

Therefore, three candidates for each category. Our group ranked first in the “Supplier Excellence Europe”, which rewards the operational superiority in developing the product, great price competitiveness, exceptional quality, excellent procurement chain and utmost care for social and environmental issues.

Our managing director Manuel Oldrati, during the awarding, underscored that this prize rewards the commitment, devotion to work and above all, the constant care and attention that we reserve indistinctively to our historic and also new customers.

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