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New manufacturing investment in Adro hub to grab growing opportunities

Oldrati Group is moving toward a sustainable future with its new Industrial Development Plan: within the Oldrati Hub in Adro, in the province of Brescia, construction will begin on a new 11.000m² building dedicated to the production of high-tech polymers.

This is a significant but intermediate step in the Expansion Plan launched in 2018 and it has the strategic goal of expressing the Group’s functionality in all its forms, with a view to meeting the growing needs of customers and offering the innovative solutions that make Oldrati Group a market leader.

Located in the heart of Franciacorta, this investment was designed with the principles of eco-sustainability, respects best practices to optimize energy impact and reduce the consumption of natural resources, for a new innovative building who cares the environment and the surrounding area.

In fact, a system will be installed on the roof for the production of green solar energy with a maximum capacity of about 1,000,000 kWh per year.

This important new development expresses the Group’s excellence in all its forms, both in terms of developing know-how and increasing the workforce in our territory, with the aim of boosting production capacity and the development of innovations and technologies in the world of polymers.

Characterised by clean and functional aesthetics, the new building dedicated to the production of High-Tech Polymers is characterised by innovative materials and cutting-edge plant, blending harmoniously into the surrounding context without sacrificing functionality and energy efficiency. With an energy passport at the highest level and a 100% safety logic, the new Oldrati plant guarantees better ventilation and lighting conditions, avoiding dangerous glare on machinery and new changing areas, centralised for the entire site, which will undoubtedly allow an improvement in terms of maximum hygiene and protection for each employee.

As the Oldrati Group, we have decided to pursue this important investment even in a particularly complex economic context with obvious repercussions throughout the supply chain. We strongly believe in a long-term vision, which is why we are carrying out this investment with the idea of anticipating future trends. In fact, we think that in the next few years the near-shoring phenomenon will consolidate, which will result in the strengthening of production chains at the level of regional blocks. The new investment gives us the opportunity to move ahead and be ready to better meet the growing needs of customers by offering the most innovative technologies. All this with a green and environmentally friendly spirit.

When fully operational, the new production building will employ around a hundred people with important positive effects for the Adro area and neighboring municipalities, and we are very enthusiastic that new talents will join our stimulating and innovative reality.” .” – commented the CEO, Manuel Oldrati.

The construction of the new building will start soon, will be completed at the turn of the new year, and has been designed with the idea of minimizing the impact on day-to-day operations.

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