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OLD EDLT 90N Approved According To ISO 23936-2 SPECIFICATION (NORSOK M710-rev 3)

OLD EDLT 90N approved according to ISO 23936-2 SPECIFICATION (NORSOK M710-rev 3)

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The new oil and gas fields in the arctic areas of the planet, has led sealing elements producers such as O-rings and rubber seals to seek new technical solutions that can operate in environments so hostile and extreme.

The Oldrati Group R&D team has therefore put efforts into the development of a fluoroelastomer compound able to guarantee the oil plant functionality even when the operating temperatures can reach -50° C.

The job, done in cooperation both with our partners and with prestigious certification institutes led us to the development of OLD EDLT 90N.

OLD EDLT 90N is the most technically advanced material available in Oldrati’s portfolio recently developed and it represents the state of the art in the oilfield sealing technology.

OLD EDLT 90N maximizes the recent technology called MOVE (a perfluoro ether recently developed) to achieve a glass transition temperature below -40° C with consequent sealing capabilities , in static conditions, even below -50° C.

OLD EDLT 90N elastomers have better chemical resistance than conventional explosive decompression grades, and it is able to satisfy the requirements of the most critical applications and specifications.

OLD EDLT 90N O-rings were also examined, at the prestigious institute Element material Technology, according to the latest and severe RGD testing ISO 23936-2 reaching also in this case the top rating 0000.

Once again the Oldrati Group achieves a clear success since it is able to offer to its customers a product that aims to be a point of reference in the Oil & Gas.

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