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Oldrati Gomma line: the new joint venture between Oldrati Group and Gomma Line LLC

Oldrati Group announced the joint venture with Gomma Line LLC that led to the birth of Oldrati Gomma Line LCC.

This important agreement between two relevant realities in the panorama of the rubber industry and not only, was born with the aim of creating winning synergies that will lead to new opportunities in the Eastern European market and in Russia. In 2019, in fact, a free trade agreement was signed between Serbia and the Eurasian Economic Union (whose main country is Russia), a fundamental element for the development of trade between member countries.

Gomma Line has been on the market for about fifteen years with a strong specialization in rubber extrusion and molding processes and with production sites in Serbia and Russia, while Oldrati Group, with almost sixty years of history, is one of the main international groups in the production of rubber, plastic and silicone products, molding and assembly and has a multi-market presence.

The newly established Oldrati Gomma Line is born from the solid experience of Gomma Line in the production of extruded rubber and metal products and from the technological know-how and innovation of Oldrati Group. This complementarity of expertise will surely bring an enrichment of competences and processes for both partners. Oldrati Group will amplify the services it offers to the market and will open to new opportunities thanks to the production sites in strategic territories such as Serbia and Russia and, above all, will increase its portfolio with even more diversified solutions to meet the demands of customers in the most diverse sectors such as automotive, home appliances, heating and others.
In addition to production synergies for the production of finished articles, the agreement also provides a verticalization of the collaboration, Gomma Line in fact, will have the opportunity to benefit from the Compounding Division of Oldrati Group and the skills of the Materials Team, thus enhancing the strength of the supply chain and increasing the technological service on materials.

“We are really satisfied to have given birth to this new reality. Working as a system, bringing diversification and expanding our skills are approaches that have always been part of Oldrati Group. This joint venture will mainly lead to offer customers the best of innovation and this is fundamental for us – said Manuel Oldrati, CEO of Oldrati Group.

Oldrati Group Press Office


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+39 348 4845980
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Villongo (Bergamo), 13 January 2021

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