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Oldrati Group launches campaign “A regenerated world” campaign: by regenerating rubber, we regenerate the planet

Every day, we use many objects, but we do not always know what they are made of. Often, we don’t remember that rubber is a protagonist in different moments of our daily life:

Whether it’s the cans that accompany us at breakfast, the vehicles that get us to work, the cake moulds we use to prepare a snack for the little ones at home, or the moment we fill the washing machine in the evening – the list could go on and on.

Oldrati Group, one of the most important international groups in the production of eco-sustainable rubber, plastic and silicone products, with the campaign “A regenerated world” celebrates Ogreen’s innovation by telling the reasons why it is essential to regenerate rubber, with a unique process based on thermo-mechanics, which returns a product with performances comparable to virgin rubber. Although there is one difference: reduced environmental impact.

A special celebratory video presents the artwork “Another world is possible” created by the well-known artist Daniele Sigalot, in which the innovative Ogreen approach of the Oldrati Group is interpreted in artistic form.

Using regenerated rubber, the artist Daniele Sigalot has created a large globe:

“It was a pleasure for me to be able to bring the “new world” to life with Oldrati, a planet that we have never seen before, but in which we already recognize the life and beauty that we associate with our world. Starting from the idea that rubber can have more than one life, I wanted to imagine a parallel world, nowhere to be found, non-existent but nevertheless plausible. A world where different tectonics of the plates has led to the creation of unseen continents, and where the oceans are not blue but bathed in pink water,” says Sigalot. – declares Sigalot.

Producing with a methodology based on eco-design means planning and managing the end of life of each product and therefore the very moment when waste is created: this is an extremely important issue also for rubber, an indispensable material that today can be recovered and regenerated to create new products.

With Ogreen, Another world is possible.

After years of research and development and significant investment, we have created the first high-performance regenerated rubber that limits the production of waste and the consumption of virgin raw materials, thereby reducing CO2 emissions.

Over the years, we have refined processes from both a technological and methodological point of view, enabling us to offer our customers excellent levels of performance.

Currently, our industrial capacity allows us to regenerate around 1,200 tons of rubber per year, with a consequent reduction in environmental impact: this is important evidence of how innovation and expertise can create concrete solutions to protect the planet.

We would like this experience to become the first in a long series of collaborations between the Oldrati Group and well-known artists to offer an insight into the potential of rubber to contribute to sustainability,” commented Manuel Oldrati, CEO of Oldrati Group.

Giving a new shape to the future is a real art of which Oldrati Group, with its “A regenerated world” campaign, is a spokesman and a pioneer in the polymer transformation sector.


With solutions like Ogreen, it really is possible to reduce waste, the consumption of natural resources and waste.
By regenerating rubber, we regenerate the planet.



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