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Silicone: safety and protection for your children

Have you ever wondered why many babycare products are made of silicone rubber? Oldrati Group – one of the most important international groups in the production of rubber, plastic and silicone products – shows you the importance of using reliable products, especially when they have to do with the protection and well-being of children.

In general, health and care products must necessarily respect quality and safety, especially from the materials point of view. Babycare items, in particular, are produced in silicone precisely because this type of material is characterized by low bacterial growth and minimal contamination.

Moreover, silicone products are able to maintain intact their physical-mechanical characteristics even if subjected to sterilization carried out at home for a high number of cycles, a result impossible to obtain using other materials, which tend to become hard, dry and discolored. When choosing products, it is therefore essential to be aware of the differences and advantages of the materials used.

Another important property concerning silicone is its resistance to low and high temperatures. It is also for this reason that, in the last few years, there has been a remarkable development in the application of silicone also in the Food & Beverage field: just think of the ramekins for cupcakes or cake pans.

When talking about innovation it is always important to remember that there can be many aspects involved. From certain points of view the use of silicone in some products can be considered a real revolution. For example, if in the past products in the babycare or health sector were created or incorporated components made of latex, rubber or other materials, today many of these are made of silicone precisely because continuous development and research have led to the discovery of the benefits of this material, perfect for those products that require a maximum level of hygiene and reliability.

“We know how important it is to use materials that can guarantee maximum hygiene and safety when it comes to products that directly affect the health of end consumers. That’s why for products such as teats, teething rings or aerosol masks we have a production line where we put in place the strictest controls to ensure the integrity of the product and compliance with strict health regulations on materials” – said Giacinto Di Stefano, Product Manager of the Group specialized in the silicone world.

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