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Sustainability as a key asset of corporate strategy

Digitization and paperless projects, waste reduction, energy efficiency and the use of energy from renewable sources: this is how to live sustainability within the company.

Oldrati Group, one of the most important international groups in the production of rubber, plastic and silicone products, has always been committed to finding solutions that can meet the needs of companies in terms of eco-sustainable materials for their products. An example is Ogreen, the first eco-sustainable rubber that Oldrati Group presented in 2020 and that today can be used in different industries, allowing to reduce both the production of waste and the use of virgin raw material with consequent reduction of energy and CO2 emissions.

The Group has also introduced more sustainable processes internally: for years Oldrati Group has been carrying out a monthly audit of energy resources, constantly increases the use of energy from renewable sources and adopts behaviors aimed at reducing waste, including the optimization of the use of raw materials that led to a reduction of 15% and a company project of digitization and paperless.

In 2017 the Group begun a gradual process of documentdematerialization that has led to the achievement of important results in terms of consumption and cost saving.

“We started long before there was any talk of electronic invoicing by beginning with an analysis of our administrative and logistics environment. Faced with an excessive consumption of paper – we were printing about 180,000 documents a year, including invoices and transport documents – we introduced a management system that has already allowed us to digitally manage documents such as invoices, delivery notes, VAT registers, etc.”, commented Andrea Mari, IT Manager at Oldrati Group.

Three years after the introduction of this new digital archiving system, the results are clearly visible. In fact, an optimization of about 30% of the 180,000 copies printed per year can be highlighted. This is a very good result if you consider the impact that paper production has on the environment.The emission of toxic gases by paper industries is one example, as is the use of excessive amounts of water and the pollution caused by the discharge of substances into rivers. Not to mention perhaps the most obvious problem: deforestation. Every year about 15 billion trees are cut down, a worrying number that has been endangering many animal and plant species for some time, thus leading to damage to the entire ecosystem.

The paperless approach is not just limited to paper reduction, but represents a real commitment to the planet. Moreover, this “simple” practice includes numerous other advantages in terms, for example, of less use of printers, toner (with consequent reduction in waste), space and therefore energy and other variables, considering that everything is stored digitally.

“What we would like to underline is that the digitization process has also brought benefits in terms of quality of work. Less time spent on filing, printing, maintenance and more has led people to spend more time on more stimulating activities. Ultimately, streamlining processes allows people to have more free time to pursue certain aspects of their work or even more free time for their passions” –concluded Andrea Mari.

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